Lada Vesta: Cuba Negotiates Modern Versions of Old Ladas with Russia

Lada Vesta: Cuba Negotiates Modern Versions of Old Ladas with Russia

The Lada Vesta is a modern car, fully developed and manufactured by Russians, with the participation of specialists from the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and compatible with the highest standards of world quality and production of cars.

AvtoVAZ landed in the Latin American market in the 1980s. At that time, the cars produced in the Russian city of Tolyatti gained popularity because of their resistance and the simplicity of their mechanics.

According to Russian media quoted by Sputnik News, the new Russian cars will serve as taxis on the island and Cuban buyers have already submitted their requirements. They also signed another contract for parts supplies for LADA Vesta.

In March, the president of the automotive group AvtoVaz, Nicolas Maure, expressed his confidence in the investment environment reigning in the Cuban market.

Regarding the possibilities of the AvtoVaz Group's strategic projects on the island, the top executive of the leading vehicle manufacturer in Russia said that in Cuba there are many conditions for exporting the new models of LADA, the flagship brand of the consortium.

We appreciate very good conditions for the company to return to the local market with this well-known brand, Maure added in allusion to the presence of hundreds of thousands of LADA cars, the older versions, thanks to the strength of these Russian cars and the craftiness of the Cubans.

He considered a key factor in that projection the rapid development of tourism in the island, for which the Cuban authorities will need to expand the fleet for the taxi service.

At the same time, the French businessman emphasized the excellent atmosphere of exchange and cooperation between the governments of Cuba and Russia, which instill dynamism into bilateral projects.

In addition, the Russian banks' continued to support in the granting of export financing with advantageous loans such as the Development Bank, which plays a strategic role in the economy of the Eurasian giant.

So we think it is a good time to return to the Cuban market, stressed the president of the Russian Group, in partnership with Nissan and Renault, with the attractive and innovative designs of LADA.

Maure presided over a presentation in the Cuban National Hotel on the strategic projections of the AvtoVaz consortium to the Cuban market and other regions, where the Vice-President of the company, Eduard Vayno, also the head of the Russian section of the Cuba-Russia Business Committee.

Participating in the exchange were the commercial director of the company, Ivekta Marat Gabitov, and the director for the development of the AvtoVaz market, Kirill Osadchiy.

According to Gabitov, the Russian business group continued negotiations with local authorities regarding a potential sale of LADA cars in Cuba and an assembly plant.

The leading manufacturer of the Russian automotive market in 2016 was awarded the Design Award by LADA Vesta at the International Trade Fair of Havana last November