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The report 'What Are Students in Latin America and the Caribbean Expected to Learn?' It starts from a curricular analysis to measure the learning achievement in mathematics, language and science of third and sixth grade students at the primary level, focused on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its goal of guaranteeing an inclusive, equitable and quality education.

In the case of Cuba, the brief reflects that its schools aim at the formation of thoughtful, critical and independent students, who show love and respect for their country, their family, their school, their classmates and nature.

Likewise, the report recognizes that the education system includes in the first of its five stages, preschool, strong support for families through different programs, such as 'Educate your Child,' and attention to all learners with educational special needs, associated or not with disabilities.

Regarding the formation of values, the United Nations organization specialized in education, science and culture stands out respect, coexistence, dialogue, solidarity, non-discrimination, collaboration and gender equality.

The curricula in Cuba also emphasize the care and protection of biodiversity, the environment and nature, the rational use of energy resources and the promotion of healthcare.

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