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He announced that the Executive will support the proposal of an export workshop for the empowerment of products and services developed in universities produced at the scale of laboratories or small plants.

Among them are drugs such as surfacen (care for infants with respiratory difficulties), tisuacryl (stomatological adhesive) and bioproducts.

'We are going to promote these productions with the rest of the organisms to go to another moment of applied science, which has been mutilated in its development', the dignitary remarked.

During the conclusions of the meeting, the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, called to think about what is being done in the sector to face the limitations imposed by the increase in hostility from the United States.

He described the links between universities and companies as something that is here to stay, a relationship that will serve, he said, the application of science and technology at the societal level.

The report provided to the press emphasized linking students and teachers to projects in strategic sectors such as hydraulic networks, transport and logistics, telecommunications and information technology, food construction and production, as well as electroenergetics, biotechnology industry and tourism.

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