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The Cuban Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, today November 15, released a statement on the issue, in the context of a scientific workshop on endoscopic surgery organized in Havana with the participation of specialists from the United States, Mexico, and Austria.

The Society's president, Dr. Antonio Paz, read the statement which indicated, "As has been reported by various media, the U.S. government has notified Cuban authorities of the presumed occurrence of sonic attacks on some staff members at its diplomatic mission."

He stated that as a result of the investigation conducted by a committee of experts, officially established for this purpose, determined that it was impossible that the symptoms reported by the United States government could have been caused by a "sonic weapon."

The Cuban experts noted that documentation provided by the U.S. includes very limited information, saying in the statement, "All the information gathered comes from a document entitled Medical Summary, delivered to our ministry, the text of which lacks objective evidence supporting the U.S. thesis. In summary, it lacks the scientific requirements of customary medical practice and evidence-based medicine."

The Society expressed its "profound concern" that recent measures adopted by the U.S. are damaging to the free exchange of experience by professionals and scientists in the two countries, adding, "Cuban and U.S. otorhinolaryngologists have maintained close academic collaboration, in an environment of ethical conduct, transparency, and friendship. We therefore reject the accusations of supposed sonic attacks and insist that some medical evidence be provided to support such allegations."

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