People from Santa Clara Attentive and Waiting for Irma

People from Santa Clara Attentive and Waiting for Irma

The streets of Santa Clara, the provincial capital of the Villa Clara territory is in the midst of a period of cyclonic alarm, the local environment is summarized in the coming and going of the people who finish the preparations before returning to their houses to maintain the discipline during the course of the dangerous meteorological phenomenon.

A number of measures have been taken by the authorities of the central region to provide food and drinking water to all citizens.

Rafael Perez, a young resident in Santa Clara, said that bakeries have not stopped the production of breads and cookies, as well as the sale of eggs in almost all markets in the city.

According to Ania Martinez, La Ferrolana, establishment of the Ideal chain, has kept stocked with chicken, sausages, in addition to food from the basic basket.

In the distribution the Osvaldo Herrera community, known as Dobarganes, the water has been pumped as usual so that it has been possible to store the necessary water in extreme cases, explained William Medero, member of the People's Council.

According to data from the Provincial Defense Council (CDP), more than 288,000 locals that are living in high-risk areas, have been evacuated in the province, either in centers destined for this purpose or in neighbors and family houses, so that priority is given to security of every citizen