Recognized Villa Clara as an outstanding province on the Day of the Cuban Science

Recognized Villa Clara as an outstanding province on the Day of the Cuban Science

Once again, the distinctive for the scientists of the territory arrives when it is known that Villa Clara was declared an Outstanding Province after the actions it deployed during the complex year of the 2020.

This award has been maintained for more than a decade and it was shared this time with the provinces of Pinar del Rio and Guantanamo. Havana also obtained a special recognition, while Matanzas achieved the headquarters of the national celebrations as a distinction also received by our community in previous periods.

A determining aspect was the participation in the confrontation with the COVID-19 with important contributions in the forecasts and estimates on the behavior of the pandemic and, from the field of the Social and Humanistic Sciences, the attention to the vulnerable populations and the affected people, together to the community work.

The province has not neglected the follow-up to the environmental safety regulations, the need to achieve efficient investment projects, the production chain, as well as the sights directed towards the exports and the import substitutions, while there are 614 research and development projects currently underway; of which 167 include innovation, and 228 contribute directly to strategic sectors of the economy.

Another 134 project were approved for the Local Development, and there are four territorial Science, Technology and Innovation programs under the consent of the Governing Council linked to the Human Health, Food Production, and the Environment and the Climate Change.

The creation of the Science and Technology Interface Society (SICTE.SA) of the UCLV also stood out as an example of integration and in just over two months of being constituted it exceeds the 2 million pesos with innovation criteria.

The behavior of the demographic dynamics, the rehabilitation of the local beaches, the promotion of the Life Task, and the development of 31 clinical trials that benefit more than 3,000 patients are among the many achievements incorporated into the scientific portfolio of Villa Clara.