Traces of love of Villa Clara in Andorra

With traces of love left in the principality of Andorra, the Henry Reeve contingent brigade arrived in Cuba, which faced COVID-19 in that nation, located in south-eastern Europe, and where Villa Clara was represented by three nursing graduates.

They are Yudí Gómez Rodríguez, working at the Santa Clara polyclinic "20 Aniversario", Dunia Fernández Caraballo, a worker at the "Marta Abreu" polyclinic in the aforementioned city, as well as Arístides Rodríguez Hernández, who previously arrived at the Homeland with a mission accomplished and works in the municipality of Cifuentes.

This was expressed by the Master Arelys Tejada Márquez, at the head of the Minsap Medical Collaboration program in Villa Clara, a province that has more than 130 health professionals in emerging brigades on the island facing COVID-19 in various latitudes.

And when I was writing this information, I was already in contact with the atmosphere of the Island, the plane that was returning them to the Homeland, and I thought of those Screams of Cuba, Cuba, Cuba, that they give when they breathe the oxygen molecule of the earth that saw birth.