Recognition to the workers of the Food Industry in Villa Clara

Recognition to the workers of the Food Industry in Villa Clara

The program of activities in recognition to the workers of the Food Industry is taking place these days in Villa Clara, a program that will conclude this Saturday, January 25th, at the Bottling Plant of Calabazar de Sagua, in the municipality of Encrucijada.

When we are just a few days ahead to commemorate the 81st anniversary of the founding of the Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC), the groups of the sector in the province carry out several activities to salute the date and, at the same time, reaffirming their love for Jose Marti.

When talking with Madisleidis Mendez Baez and Amado Galvez, union representative and deputy director of the Provincial Company of Beverages and Soft Drinks (EMBER), respectively; they expressed that they will commemorate the date with productive results that will constitute the deserved stimulus for the men and women of a sector, who have the social task of producing food for the people.

Sara Perez Lopez, director of the Salamina Slaughterhouse, belonging to the Meat Company, also stressed the commitment of the labor collective she commands.

All of them agreed that the 2019 was a very complex year, with many shortages of fuels and other resources. However, given these obstacles, the will of the workers was imposed and they looked for alternatives to meet their production goals.