For a better Villa Clara, with the support of the people

For a better Villa Clara, with the support of the people

With great expectations and joy, the people of Villa Clara received the election of Alberto Lopez Diaz as Governor of this province, being approved by 98.78% of the votes of the delegates of the Municipal Assemblies for this high responsibility, after being proposed by the President of the Republic.

Still excited, in his first statements to our broadcaster after the result of the voting was known, in a new act of democracy the Cuban leader said: We have been in this activity to serve the people; every day we try to tear off a piece of the problems, as our President of the Republic Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez indicated; and this election, without a doubt, is a sign of the improvement of our democracy, in the effort to achieve more autonomy of the municipalities.

He considered that the vote showed the almost total support from delegates, and this compromises us much more, while calls us to continue overcoming the problems and as a test of the confidence in us, which reinforces our commitments to the people.

This simple man has a long service sheet. He started from the base as President of the Virginia-Jose Marti People´s Council. He also directed in the business sector until reaching positions in the government of Santa Clara, and subsequently serving, first as Vice-President and in recent years, as President of the Provincial Assembly of the People's Power.

The multiple congratulations that he has received on the social networks attest to the total support for his designation. Always optimistic, generator of new ideas, with a long career in government work, the deputy to the National Assembly assumes this task as he has always done, with the certainty of doing more for a province he loves dearly.

Graduated as a Bachelor of Education, in the specialty of Construction of machinery, Albertico, as everyone calls this teacher, at the 53 years old and with many plans to move the territory forward, he knows very well that the best job is that of public servant. He always listen to the people who walk the streets and want to build a better Cuba.

The message to this people is that they continue to accompany us, the poeple is essential to do great things, my message is that they accompany us, that we go together to work for the welfare of Villa Clara.

In this hard year, when the Empire tries to suffocate us, we will demonstrate our culture of resistance, we have defeated eleven North American administrations and we are going to defeat this one, and we will achieve the victory with the accompaniment of the people, concluded in his statements who has just been elected as Governor of Villa Clara, a responsibility that assumes with many commitments and plans for a province where women and men live overcoming difficulties and obstacles.