Assessed progress of hydraulic works in Villa Clara

Assessed progress of hydraulic works in Villa Clara

With the aim at evaluating the progress of the execution of works in the sector in Villa Clara, the president of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources of Cuba (INRH), Antonio Rodriguez, visited the places where these actions are being carried out.

With an investment project of more than half a million pesos at the aqueduct of the People´s Council of Vueltas, in the municipality of Camajuani, the advances are appreciated.

Subsequently, Rodriguez visited La Bayoya Water Treatment Plant, which ensures the supply of drinking water to more than 3,000 inhabitants of the Air Base People´s Council, which shows considerable improvements of the quality of the pumped liquid. The works implemented in this plant are expected to be completed by the beginning of December.

For its part, the Palmarito pumping station completed the repairs and works on the pipeline that will take the water to the city of Santa Clara, a process that is carried out by prioritizing the quality of the work. The biggest difficulties of this plant are that two pumping equipment are missing, which are being repaired, Rodriguez said.

With works throughout the province, the progress has been substantial, but much remains to be done, said the head of the INRH.

Santa Clara and Pinar del Rio constitute the most affected provincial capitals in terms of water supply. For this reason, they requires large executions in order to improve this service. In times when the lack of water in the capital city, work progresses without pause. The call is to continue with the rational use of this vital liquid by the population, as well as in state agencies.