Carnival and popular celebrations in Santa Clara

Carnival and popular celebrations in Santa Clara

The limitations of the moment with the electric power and the fuel forced to reprogram the carnivals and the popular celebrations in Santa Clara.

This transcended at the meeting held by the President of the Government in the province, Alberto Lopez Diaz, with the authorities of the companies and the organizations responsible for securing the festivities.

Roger Benitez, Vice-President of the Administration Council in the city, said that the children's carnival will not suffer any changes, as it will be held on Saturday 20th and Sunday July 21st at the Sandino Square.

The official also informed that the carnivals for the adults, including the float parades, will be limited to two days on the Central Road, to be Tuesday July 23rd, and Wednesday July 24th.

That same Wednesday, July 24th at night, the popular festivities will begin, but only at the Sandino Square, the next day, the areas located on Paseo de la Paz, around La Pastora Church, on J Street, on San Miguel Street, and at Jose Marti Community will be added, and on July 26th, the rest of the usual zones will be incorporated. The popular festivities in Santa Clara will conclude on July 28th, he added.

At this time, the kiosks and platforms begin to be erected. The producers and merchants told the President of the Government in the province that the key resources are secured, such as pork, chicken, sausages, rum, soft drinks, and beers. They also stated that they are making some progress in the preparation and storage of ice.

The director of Culture in Santa Clara, Marta Meneses, said that six orchestras from Havana and other provinces of Cuba have already confirmed their presence at the popular festivals in the city, where all the local music groups will also participate.

During the meeting, it was also learned that the self-employed workers can offer their services on the days of carnival, provided that they sell at the limit or bumped prices that have just been approved by the Administration Council.