Residents of Villa Clara enjoy of camping facilities during the summer

Residents of Villa Clara enjoy of camping facilities during the summer

With the attendance of around two thousand 700 people every day, this summer season is enjoyed at the seven facilities of the People´s Camping Company in Villa Clara, a preferred option by many families when it comes to the sea or the river, especially when facing the current high temperatures.

A high sense of belonging and commitment of the workers of the entity contributes to the diversification of the gastronomic and recreational offerings in the current conditions of the country, declared Rigoberto Rodriguez Lorenzo, deputy director of the entity in the province.

He reported that the housing capacities are exploited to the 95 percent, all places are sold for the current month and for next August, although there are still some vacancies, in some camping sites for September.

Bringing the gastronomic services to the beach area at the three facilities of the coast of Corralillo and Cayo Conuco, in Caibarien, the pools of Arco Iris and Minerva, of Santa Clara, as well as in Seibabo River, in Manicaragua, figure among the purposes in the summer stage, he stressed.

He also referred, among other proposals, to the opening of traditional restaurants for the sale of food and beverages, he added.

Rodriguez Lorenzo pointed out that the transfer of customers by bus is maintained, while in the culinary part there is a search for dishes typical of the tradition of each place, where the centers are located.

He also meant that before the rise of salaries to the workers of the budgeted sector, the same Campismo prices are maintained and alternatives appear, in the effort to look for offers to invest in the enjoyment.