Increase the number of visitors to the Ernesto Guevara Sculptural Complex

Increase the number of visitors to the Ernesto Guevara Sculptural Complex

The interest for the life and work of Che Guevara brought more than five million 111 thousand 600 people from Cuba and other nationalities to visit the Ernesto Guevara Sculptural Complex, since its inauguration on December 28th, 1988.

Noris Cardenas, director of the center, told that the registration of people is linked to the entrances to the museum, where the hero's personal objects are displayed, and to the Memorial, which keeps his remains and those of several of his guerrilla comrades in Bolivia.

She meant that of the total of visitors, more than three million 340 thousand 700 are foreigners, with the greater attendance of those coming from Canada and Germany.

The museum, opened to the public in 1989, shows the documents, photos and objects of the Heroic Guerrilla Fighter, and the Memorial, where the remains of the Argentine-Cuban doctor are guarded since October 17th, 1997, are the most crowded spaces, she said.

Cardenas said that the number of registered visitors does not take into account the thousands who arrive every day at the complex for different reasons, including political ceremonies, tributes and commitments, or those who take pictures of the place.

She reported that the presence of people increases over time, in order to pay tribute to the revolutionary fighter and to receive information about his life.

She stressed that during the current summer season the institution remains open at its usual time, with the reception of the public, including those who enjoy of vacation plans, from other provinces.

She pointed out that a program is planned next August, in coordination with the Federation of Cuban Women for the celebration of its 59th anniversary, on August 23rd, and the remembrance of Tamara Bunke Bider, the only woman of the guerrilla, who fell in combat on August 31st of 1967.