Cuba advances without the need for shock therapies

Cuba advances without the need for shock therapies

For years, Joaquin Gonzalez Machado waited patiently for his time to come. Despite certain recommendations from his family and friends to renounce to the profession of beinf an educator and his beloved Ernesto Che Guevara Pre-Universitary Vocational Institute of Santa Clara, he persisted in staying because he never lost confidence that, as soon as the country could, his salary was going to be raised.

Similarly, Jesus Cabrera Andrade, a veteran who received a pension that was around the 300 pesos, will now be benefited with an increase that will help him to improve his living situation. In our case, any help will always be welcome. This money, plus my wife´s retirement check and something that my children can contribute with, is a blessing.

Like Joaquin and Jesus, there are millions of Cubans who appreciate the Government's gesture of increasing their salary at very complex times for the national economy, due to the resurgence of the US blockade measures and other known reasons.

The approval of the recent salary increase is part of a policy that the Cuban Revolution has followed to protect its people in the most adverse circumstances. This behavior has had many expressions during these six decades: after hurricanes, floods, accidents and other adverse phenomena, the leaders of the country have been on the front line, showing their faces and drawing up new policies so that no one is left helpless.

Regarding the wage issue, although it has not always been possible to please the workers' demands regarding this matter, in certain circumstances, especially those of an economic nature, the will of the Government has always been that of searching for alternatives to solve it.

However, several steps have been taken in the midst of the complex contexts aimed at improving the quality of life of the people, which paved the way for the last salary increase announced by the country's management, and which will not be the final one, because as the Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, said, when the conditions permit so, a new reform, much more comprehensive, will be approved.