Inaugurated Complex of Notarial and Registry Services in Santa Clara

Inaugurated Complex of Notarial and Registry Services in Santa Clara

As a reference in the country given its services, the Cuban Justice Minister Maria Esther Reus Gonzalez qualified the Legal, Notarial and Registration Services Complex officially inaugurated this Thursday in Santa Clara.

The head of the sector highlighted the intention to combine and unify these procedures with high demand among the population, while she stressed that the conditions for providing better quality services are improved, and the transit of people is organized when they go to these offices, with undoubted advantage for the future, she said.

Maria Esther Reus attended the inauguration of the installation, inserted in the projects of the Villa Clara with All program. She was accompanied by Julio Ramiro Lima Corzo, member of the Central Committee of the Party and its First Secretary in the province, and by Alberto Lopez Diaz, President of the Government in the territory, as well as other authorities.

The new Complex is located on the avenue of El Paseo de la Paz, between 1st West and Nueva Gerona, Chamberi, in Santa Clara, and it concentrates the procedures that were scattered throughout the city.

Currently, the Notarial Services and the Filing of Notarial Protocols are provided; and shortly, when the installation of the computer network, already in process, is completed, the Registry of the Mercantile Property, as well as the offices for criminal records procedures, and the Registry of acts of last will and declarations of heirs must be incorporated.