Huge Contribution of the Museum of the Sugar Industry

Huge Contribution of the Museum of the Sugar Industry

The Marcelo Salado Museum of the Sugar Industry, located in the municipality of Caibarien, continues to increase its contributions to the sector's options in response to the demand from those who visit Cuba and, in particular, Villa Clara.

Currently this facility is almost fully recovered from the passage of Hurricane Irma and is opened to all the people who are interested in visiting it, said the specialist Luis Serguei Santiago Machado.

The foreign visitors who visit the place are greeted with a sweet guarapo, then, they can tour each of the areas of the museum where they will receive extensive information on the history of the origin of sugar cane, its arrival in Cuba and its leading role for several centuries in our nationality, and the tour will culminate with a train ride to the city of Remedios.

Among the novelties introduced in the museum is the centrifuge in which Jesus Menendez worked at the Constancia Sugar Mill, currently the Abel Santamaria Sugar Mill.

Serguei Santiago also assured that this activity has become in a short time an important source of income for the entity to which TECNOAZUCAR is subordinated.