About 40 health experts from Villa Clara make up 11 of the 14 Cuban medical brigades of the Henry Reeve detachment, which today combat the new coronavirus in various nations of the planet, according to Arelys Tejeda Marquez, head of the Medical Collaboration Program in this central part of Cuba.

Up to the moment of this information, there are 28 confirmed patients in Villa Clara with the COVID-19, while 513 remain admitted due to clinical suspicion, according to the statements offered by Dr. Neil Reyes Miranda, Director of the Provincial Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

Yudi Rodriguez Hernandez, president of the Provincial Defense Council in Villa Clara, member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in this territory, urged all the measures to be taken at a complex stage in the confrontation to the COVID-19.

Headed by Brigadier General Henry Lowery del Pozo, head of the Military Region in Villa Clara, an evaluation of the health work system was carried out at the attention area of the Chiqui Gomez Polyclinic of the municipality of Santa Clara as part of the confrontation to the new coronavirus.

For a few days now, a self-speaker has been walking the streets of Santa Clara and it has called, once and again, to comply with the measures established to stop the spread of the new coronavirus in Cuba.