The difficult socioeconomic context that the country is going through due to the COVID-19 has not prevented the May 1st National Industry Producer of Domestic Utensils (INPUD) of Santa Clara, from guaranteeing its main assortments that will substitute the imports, in a year in which compliance with the planned productions has prevailed.

With a well-earned fame at home, Orelvis Bormey, self-employed worker from Villa Clara and creator of the brand that bears his surname and includes more than twenty products made with peanuts, now intends to enter the export market.

These are young people from many nations of the world, or rather, Cubans who were born in other lands, as Fidel called them. They have spent more than five years in the universities of Villa Clara and today they thank Cuba; a country that, even with many material limitations, trained them as excellent professionals and protected their health, in the midst of a pandemic that is sweeping the globe.

The governor of Villa Clara Alberto Lopez Diaz, during a visit carried out this Sunday across several sugarcane cooperatives, checked the actions that take place there for the production of food, in order to satisfy the demands of the sector while also contributing to the state commission, a challenge of the sugar producers in such difficult times.

This September 24th, 884 samples were processed at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Villa Clara, of which 199 samples corresponding to residents in the province, without reporting any positive cases to the COVID-19; information that emerged at the morning meeting of the Provincial Defense Council.

Alongside the charm of being a small coastal town, lulled by the sea breeze, lays the pride of the residents of Isabela de Sagua on having the best oysters of Cuba and curious legends woven in the solitude of the local fisherman and a plenty of cays nearby.