It was a glorious and emotional day that of January 6th, 1959, when the Caravan of Freedom entered the territory of the former Las Villas with new lights.

This Wednesday, January 6th, 23 new positive cases to the COVID-19 were confirmed; of them: 6 imported cases were reported, including 3 patients in Santa Clara, 1 patient in Manicaragua, 1 patient in Santo Domingo, and 1 patient in Ranchuelo; all of them are citizens who arrived in the country from abroad (United States, Spain and Uruguay), 5 of them were confirmed with the PCR test performed on the fifth day.

In his speech of January 6th, 1959, after his triumphal entry into the city of Santa Clara, the Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro expressed: We must work for today and for tomorrow, for this generation and for the generations to come! The great future of the country must be laid on firm foundations!

The CMHW confirmed the news during its Saturday's special broadcast: Villa Clara is in the group of the Cuban provinces that registered the lowest rates of infant mortality per one thousand born children, with an indicator of 3.7; said Dr. Yandry Alfonso Chang, head of the Maternal and Child Program in the territory, in statements to our radio station this Saturday, January 2nd, when he recognized all those who contributed to this result.

The sugar producers of Villa Clara said goodbye to the 2020 with a group of dissatisfactions, among them, that of not having fulfilled the so-called small harvest, thus transferring as inheritance to the 2021 a debt of more than six thousand tons of sugar, a delay that is perfectly recoverable if everyone makes an efficient use of the work day and fulfills all tasks on a daily basis.

The 2020 was an extremely complex year in all the aspects of the daily life, and the sector of education in Villa Clara once again demonstrated the resilience and the power to overcome the obstacles of each of all its workers.