With regard to the proximity of the 503rd anniversary of the eighth village founded by the Spanish colonizers in Cuba, on June 24th, among its many traditions, a drink with almost two centuries of creation: the Punch of the Parish stands out.

Authorities of the Party and the Government in Villa Clara and their counterparts in Sagua la Grande exchanged about the recent regulations for the purchase of food and other supplies to the population, in force since June, 2018.

Drying the tobacco leaves at the profit centers with better conditions is a measure adopted in the production center of the mountain range of Villa Clara, as the tobacco facilities were affected by the excess humidity generated by the subtropical storm Alberto.

The Medicines made with passionflower and others made from bone and connective tissue are a medical alternative for many patients in Villa Clara and other provinces, who buy these remedies in the homeopathic pharmacy of the provincial capital.

The sowing of cucumber, chard, cabbage, radish and beans, among others is advancing in the city orchards of Villa Clara, which shows the progress of these labors after the impact of the subtropical storm Alberto on the central region of Cuba.

Groups of inspectors from different entities of Villa Clara systematically carry out control visits to the agricultural market network of the province of Villa Clara to avoid the violation of the established prices and other breaches.

The former Baseball player Villa Clara Ariel Pestano confirmed that he already feels well and that his recovery process is very favorable, after having been admitted to the Provincial Hospital several days ago, in the course of a Leptospirosis.

With the start on Wednesday of the assembly of the urban furniture, which includes banks and trash baskets, the renovation project of the Santa Clara Boulevard progresses gradually in line with an image that already changes for the better in the eyes of the residents.

The celebration of the 173rd and 90th anniversaries of the birthdays of Antonio Maceo, the Titan of Bronze, and of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, this June 14th, respectively, became a special moment for the reaffirmation of the commitments of the new generations of Villa Clara with the future of the Homeland.