Due to his intelligence, honesty, seriousness and bond with the masses, the people of Villa Clara always remembers Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, who was elected President of the Council of State, by the votes of the deputies that make up the new mandate of the National Assembly of the People's Power.

Fifty-seven years after the proclamation of the Socialist character of the Revolution by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro and the constitution of the Communist Party of Cuba, about 60 workers of the political organization in Villa Clara, having between five and thirty years of uninterrupted work, were recognized on their dedication and fidelity to our people.

The Education Union in Villa Clara is ready to celebrate, this May Day, the International Workers' Day. The party of the proletariat is dedicated to raising the leading role assumed by the workers in the construction of Socialism.

The energetic response of the men and women of the Induvilla Business Unit of Base, belonging to the Fishing Company of Villa Clara, to quickly reverse the ravages of Hurricane Irma, was recognized with the Flag of Labor Prowess, granted by the Central Workers of Cuba (CTC).

The Twisted Tobacco Company of Villa Clara applies a group of rationalizations in 18 of its productive units to reduce the expenses in the production process with an economic effect amounting to more than two million 245 thousand pesos.

To a little more than 85 000 000 pesos amounted the collection of the territorial contribution for local development last year in Villa Clara.

With the maxim of the National Hero Jose Marti, "There is no joy like honoring", a group of institutions and personalities of Villa Clara were recognized with high honors, on having a remarkable career in the rescue of the national values, of our history, the traditions of struggle of the Cuban people, and of the work of the Master.