The Chlorine-Soda Plant of Sagua la Grande recovers its production levels with the manufacture during the last seven days of January, of 15.86 tons of chlorine, a figure that allows the coverage of this important substance, which is essential for sanitation and cleaning, throughout the country.

The province of Villa Clara was selected to start the work experience, as it has the potential of its professionals, as well as counting on practical and scientific actions in relation to the development of these issues, as was said by Gladys Bejerano Portela, Comptroller General of the Republic, during a meeting held in Santa Clara.

The 2020 judicial year began this Tuesday in Villa Clara, with a ceremony held in the historic First Criminal Chamber of the Provincial People´s Court, where those who deliver justice in this province of the central Cuba, presented their challenges, with the purpose at being more and more effective in their work.

The news was heard this Monday at noon through the CMHW Radio Station: Villa Clara won for the fifth consecutive year the headquarters of the celebration for February 4th, the Day of the workers of Commerce, Gastronomy and the Services.

With great expectations and joy, the people of Villa Clara received the election of Alberto Lopez Diaz as Governor of this province, being approved by 98.78% of the votes of the delegates of the Municipal Assemblies for this high responsibility, after being proposed by the President of the Republic.

The direct delegate of the Universidad Central “Marta Abreu” de Las Villas to the Eleventh Congress of the Union of Young Communists (UJC), was presented this Friday at an event held in the theater of the said institution, with the presence of directors of the organization and Dr. Osana Moleiro Perez, rector of the UCLV.