The people of Santa Clara met at the Leoncio Vidal Park on the morning of this Friday for the celebration of the Municipal Ceremony for the actions of July 26th. The commemoration was presided over by Osnay Miguel Colina Rodriguez, member of the Provincial Party Bureau, and Carlos Manuel Ruiz Cepero, first secretary of the PCC in the capital of Villa Clara.

The Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdes Menendez, Vice-President of the Councils of State and of Ministers, called for the control of every detail of the construction processes so that the country's efforts could be materialized in a greater number of houses.

This Thursday, July 18th, the Hernando Nazareno People´s Council of the municipality of Placetas, was the venue of the municipal ceremony dedicated to the 66th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Barracks.

With the attendance of around two thousand 700 people every day, this summer season is enjoyed at the seven facilities of the People´s Camping Company in Villa Clara, a preferred option by many families when it comes to the sea or the river, especially when facing the current high temperatures.

For years, Joaquin Gonzalez Machado waited patiently for his time to come. Despite certain recommendations from his family and friends to renounce to the profession of beinf an educator and his beloved Ernesto Che Guevara Pre-Universitary Vocational Institute of Santa Clara, he persisted in staying because he never lost confidence that, as soon as the country could, his salary was going to be raised.

These days, several labor groups belonging to the Food and Fishing Industry trade union of Villa Clara received the status of national vanguard, a distinguished payroll that includes the bottling plant of Calabazar, in the municipality of Encrucijada, and the Cubanacan Enterprise of Camajuani, which for 36 consecutive years has ratified the status, both belonging to the drinks company of the province.