Cuban sports organization mourns Maradona's death

Cuban sports organization mourns Maradona's death

The Cuban Institute of Sports (INDER) on Wednesday offered its condolences to relatives, friends and admirers of Argentinean soccer star Diego Armando Maradona.

Sad news for those of us who love his mastery as a soccer genius and a firm position alongside the humble, wrote INDER President Osvaldo Vento on Twitter. He recalled Pelusa's friendship with Cuba and the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, whose deaths occurred just four years ago. Heartfelt condolences from INDER to family, friends and fans, who are many in our country, Vento wrote.

Meanwhile, Javier Sotomayor, Cuban multi-champion and world high jump record holder, described Maradona, who died of a cardio-respiratory arrest at the age of 60, as a great man, a great sportsman, a friend and a brother. Rest in peace, from here we will always keep you in mind, Sotomayor pointed out on Facebook.

Cuban Minister of Foreign Relations Bruno Rodriguez expressed his regret for the death of the World Cup winner with the Argentinean national team in 1986.

'Maradona's death hits us on November 25. His friendship with Cuba and especially with Fidel, made him part of this people,' the foreign minister tweeted.

He added that the world mourns the human being, the soccer player, the friend, and conveyed his condolences to family members and the Argentinean people.