Baseball Series 60: Workouts with many precautions

As we have reported, the atypical national baseball series 60, due to the threat of the Coronavirus, kicks off the coming September 12 with 75 games for each set, and then the playoffs with the top eight ranked in the table.

In addition, it is also known that the training for the aforementioned classic starts on August 1st. By the way, some of the sanitary measures have already been released to protect the lives of all the protagonists in that preparatory period.

The Cuban commissioner of discipline, Ernesto Reinoso, has just announced some of those measures. Reinoso stated that "players, coaches and support personnel will wear face masks in stadiums, gyms, transportation buses and accommodation venues from the beginning of the preparation."

The official added in the Pulso Deportivo television program: “the working days will be behind closed doors; no preparation caps will be developed between teams; There will be regular medical checks and those involved must take care of hygiene at all times. ”

All these decisions are welcome to avoid unnecessary contagions and serious health problems to those involved in Cuban baseball. I only hope that everyone is aware of the serious danger that the Coronavirus represents and acts accordingly, because this virus is not a game. Sad examples abound throughout the world.