Villa Clara could debut against Granma, in series 60

Villa Clara will debut against the best pitcher in Cuba: Lázaro Blanco

A super reliable source such as the excellent statistician and colleague, Arnelio Álvarez de la Uz, has just reported, albeit unofficially, the schedule for the national baseball series 60, which kicks off on September 12.

According to Arnelio's schedule, Villa Clara by José Antonio García would debut that day at the Sandino stadium, in Santa Clara, against one of the most qualified rivals of recent times in the contest: Granma.

It should not be forgotten that the Horses were the champions in the not too distant series 56 and 57 and have always had a very dangerous cast, especially on offense, without ruling out that they have the best pitcher in this country right now: the right Lazarus White.

So the debut of the Leopards, quite diminished for the coming fight, is not going to be comfortable, much less, in a totally atypical fair for the enormous problems that the Coronavirus has brought.

Among them is that, probably, Villa Clara will not have a large audience to support them in the stands of Sandino. However, in truth, the attendance of fans to the main stadium of Villa Clara has been very poor in the most recent campaigns, except in series 58 when the team discussed the final vs Las Tunas.

I remind you that it includes 75 matches for each team, five against each. September 12 is Saturday, so the cap against the people of Granma will be two challenges and the other three will take place on eastern terrain.


August 1 to September 10: Training of the teams.
August 17 to 23: Tour for the constitution of the teams.
September 12: Inauguration in Matanzas. The teams from the host province and Camagüey will face each other.
September 12 to December 27: Qualifying stage.
November 6 to 8: Star Games.
January 3 to 6, 2021: Rescue of suspended games.
January 9-14: Quarterfinals (5 games to the best in three) with format 1 vs. 8, 2-7, 3-6 and 4-5.
January 15: Selection of reinforcements.
January 17 to 25: Semifinals (7 games for the best in 4).
January 28 to February 5: Final (7 games for best in 4).
February 20: Cuban Baseball Gala, in the winning province.