Moinelo and Raidel are "on" in Japanese baseball

While we wait for the actions in the national baseball series 60 to return, on September 12, we have to "get along" with the work of our compatriots in other leagues, such as the Japanese. There, the pitchers from Pinar del Rio Raidel Martínez and Liván Moinelo have started "on".

Both were effective with their respective teams this Saturday; Martinez with the Chunichi Dragons and left-handed Moinelo with the Softbank Falcons, and they continue to exhibit a perfect 0.00 ERA so far.

The Japanese season is just beginning and Los Dragones are fourth in the Central League with three wins, five losses and a draw; while the Falcons have not started quite well either with the same balance of 3-5-0.

By the way, the stars Alfredo Despaigne and Yurisbel Gracial are still in Cuba and have not been able to join this last team, an important offensive gap for them without a doubt.

As for the Villa Clara residents Leonys Martín and Dayán Viciedo, they have started somewhat “cold”. Martín is hitting 259 with a Slugging score of 296 and an OBP of 375; while Viciedo does it for 235 with 412 Slugging and a poor OBP of 257. Very little for its proven quality. Hopefully they wake up.