Bacallao and Bruzón, the only survivors in Ibero-American Chess

The Cuban Grand Masters (GM), Yusnel Bacallao and Lázaro Bruzón, are the only survivors of the national army, in the round of the 16 best players in the 1st Ibero-American Online Chess.

Bacallao, GM from Matanzas, dispatched with with a 4.5-2.5 score the Peruvian (MI), Renato Terry, who had given himself the luxury of eliminating the current bi-champion of the Island, GM Carlos Daniel Albornoz.

The next rival of the Matanzas born will be the GM of Peru, Jorge Cori, current monarch of the tournament and classified in the number three position in the Elo of all the participants, with his 2645 points. For its part, the Elo of ours is 2590 units.
Incredibly, the official site of the contest does not inform what day Bacallao and Cori will play; while it does say when GM from Las Tunas will do it, Lázaro Bruzón, who, I clarify, no longer plays for the national federation.

Bruzón, whose Elo is 2,644 points, will see action on Tuesday, June 30 and will be opposed by Brazil's GM, Luis Paulo Supi, who has a performance coefficient of 2577 points. Good luck to Bacallao and Bruzón, because in this instance all the opponents are difficult.