Baseball: Cuban Federation comdemns statements by John Bolton

The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) today condemned the cynical way that former White House national security adviser John Bolton regarded the agreement he signed in late 2018 with Major League Baseball (MLB).

Bolton assured in his controversial book entitled The Room Where It Happened, that the decision to frustrate the April 2019 agreement did not win the affection of the team owners in the MLB, but they were wrong if they did not understand that the participation of Cuban baseball players in professional baseball meant sleeping with the enemy.
According to the Jit digital site, this last phrase has uncovered criticism in the world of baseball, as it reveals the criminal nature of this character and of US President Donald Trump, knowing that the arrival of Cuban players to the so-called Big Top is marked for several decades due to human trafficking and irregular travel.
"Go to bed with the enemy: those were the repulsive words with which John Bolton cataloged the agreement between our Federation and the #MLB reached at the end of 2018. What phrase will the stories of trafficking in players deserve? The death threats? The traps? », Wrote the FCB first in his profile on the social network Twitter.

Then he added: «The agreement between our #FCB and #MLB will be effective sooner rather than later. And these characters, Trump and Bolton, will go down in history as accomplices of evil and deceit. #Cuba #BaseBall ».
On December 19, 2018, after three years of hard work, the FCB and MLB signed a historic agreement to order the presence of Cuban players in the Major Leagues and support for the document was immediate.
But the aggressive policy towards Cuba by the Trump administration, stimulated by anti-Cuban representatives from Florida, left it without effect in April 2019.
The authorities of the FCB insist that the agreement exists, it is a reality, and it will be applied as soon as Trump leaves the White House or moderates his position towards the Island, reflected the digital portal of the highest Cuban sports body.