National soccer tournament gone with the wind too

It could be that the only national championship that we will have in this 2020 will be that of baseball and its series 60, which must start on September 12. And it is logical because we know very well that baseball is something else in the country, as it is the number one discipline of fans and leaders.

However, all the other important tournaments in Cuba (except for the boxing “Girón”, I suppose) are gone with the wind until 2021 due to Covid 19. Basketball already announced the cancellation of their respective Superior Leagues (LSB ) and the last to join the suspensions is the national soccer league, in its 105th edition.

Unfortunately, the glorious Expreso del Centro, led by Rudy Lay Arencibia, will have to wait to get his 15th crown in these races, by far the maximum accumulator of domestic titles.

This is the statement of the national commission:
As part of the prevention and confrontation actions against COVID-19, our agency decided to suspend national events and competitions between March 18 and July 31.

More recently, and attached to strict compliance with the measures announced by the country's leadership, he announced that the post-Covid stage will include holding a small number of competitions in the last quarter of the year, aimed at sports directly linked to the commitments to defend at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, rescheduled for 2021.

For this reason, consistent with the desire to prioritize the preservation of the health of the Cuban population and to face with the greatest austerity possible the economic difficulties derived from confronting this pandemic, as well as the experiences of international leagues, appropriate to our context. , the National Commission and the Cuban Football Association proposed, and has been approved by the authorized authorities, to terminate the 105th National Football League of Cuba in its closing phase.

In this sense, it has been defined:

• Not declare national champion of the 2019-2020 season, nor validate places based on the location of the teams at the time of concluding the competition, attending to:

- Only 45% of the tournament took place (8 full days of 18 agreed).
- A final was scheduled between the first two places of the regular stage, in round-trip matches, which until the date of the suspension was impossible to define due to the parity of the tournament, which offered opportunities to classify all participants .
- The closing event was conceived without any relation to the opening event, which only defined those classified for it.
- The regulation of the competition lacked a section destined to designate a champion due to the suspension of the tournament by force majeure.
- For this reason, points will not be awarded for the evaluation of the Cuban sports competitive system.
• The teams participating in the closing stage and the prevailing standings at the time of concluding the 105 National Football League of Cuba will be considered for planning next year's events.
• Suspend the Super Cup scheduled to take place at the end of the event.
We have already started preparing for the upcoming soccer campaign in order to offer our people a high quality show as it deserves.