More news about the National Baseball Series 60

From the appearance of the President of the Inder, Osvaldo Vento, on the Round Table program on national television, other interesting aspects emanated from the upcoming national baseball series, which should start on September 12.

As we already reported, the equipment set-up should begin on August 1 behind closed doors, and the manager clarified that "the preparation stages will also be limited with other teams, in order to avoid transfers between provinces."

During the development of the classic baseball player, Vento reported that "if there were any problems in a territory, the matches would be held behind closed doors." From this I infer that the organizers plan that there be some assistance from fans to the stadiums, but this, in my opinion, remains to be seen.

I reiterate that eight selections will access the playoffs, with reinforcements only for the semifinal and final stages. According to the top leader of the Inder, "in the first week of February 2021 the final will be played, coinciding with the Caribbean Series, from which we were unjustifiably excluded."

Finally, Vento affirmed that "the resources are guaranteed for the start of the fair, and that, as a novelty, the teams will use as a home club a kit with the name of their pets."

In the case of Villa Clara, the uniform that their players will wear in the Sandino or in the stadiums of municipalities, will be with the nickname of Leopards in front. Congratulations on that decision.

This is the schedule for the 60 series:

August 1 to September 10: Training of the teams.
August 17 to 23: Tour for the constitution of the teams.
September 12: Inauguration in Matanzas. The teams from the host province and Camagüey will face each other.
September 12 to December 27: Qualifying stage.
November 6 to 8: Star Games.
January 3 to 6, 2021: Rescue of suspended games.
January 9 to 14: Quarterfinals (5 games to the best in three) with format 1 vs. 8, 2-7, 3-6 and 4-5.
January 15: Selection of reinforcements.
January 17-25: Semifinals (7 games for best in 4).
January 28 to February 5: Final (7 games for best in 4).
February 20: Cuban Baseball Gala, in the winning province.