National baseball returns on September 12!

According to the President of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (Inder), Osvaldo Vento, on the radio-televised program Mesa Redonda, the national baseball series 60 should begin on September 12 and contemplate a 75-game schedule.

As expected, Vento explained that the fair "will comply with strict hygienic, sanitary and organizational standards, which should not affect the quality of the show." And above all, I would add, that they guarantee the health of everyone involved, which is the most important thing.

In addition, the top leader of the sport in Cuba added that the provincial preselections would meet on August 1, with a limit of 45 players and will train behind closed doors in stadiums and without sessions on beaches or other public places.

Vento confirmed that the schedule includes the aforementioned 75 games for each team, in an all-against-all, with round-trip subseries and would be played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, with transfers and rest on Monday and Friday .

This distribution guarantees that there are always meetings on weekends, an old claim from fans. With the previous structure, incredibly, there were Saturdays and Sundays without action, a nonsense that is now wisely rectified.

Another novelty that I applaud with both hands is that eight teams will qualify for the play-offs; but, above all, that the reinforcements will be only four and that they will be taken for the semifinals and the final only. In other words, in the quarterfinals the casts have to take a gamble with their own athletes.

In a later report I will give more details about the next season, which, fortunately and except for a great sanitary imponderable, must return on September 12, to the liking of all ball lovers in the country and in the world.