Garcia Una: Working tirelessly to provide a give a good show

Garcia Una: Working tirelessly to provide a give a good show

The new manager of the Villa Clara baseball team, Jose Antonio Garcia Una, broke into the scene on January 7th, 2020 after the replacement of Eduardo Paret. It is no secret to anyone that his name was not previously considered for that position. Therefore, his selection gained both detractors and followers among the fans.

He had the courage to accept the position and for that, he deserves respect. The new manager left his impressions on these reporters. He has had the opportunity to see the professional development of most of these athletes since the U23.

What specific aspects you think they must improve?

I have been a member of the management of the team since 4 years ago and I was one with Ariel Pestano in the U23. In all this time we accumulated a lot of experience that will serve to polish the deficiencies of a young and rebuilding team.

Will the provincial baseball series be a meter for the election of the players of the orange team?

Of course, this will be a key point. Now, the player who does not play with his municipality at that level, will not have the same possibilities to integrate the provincial team. Therefore the performance in the provincial series has to be good.

Is the technical group determined to accompany you in this task?

Not yet. What we really have is a very good multidisciplinary support group, with the aim at working tirelessly to be able to provide a good show to the fans.

The defensive work will be vital, right?

Of course, that's why we want to achieve a good technical-tactical work. The defense has to be a prop as it has historically been for this province and it can contribute with its grain of sand to the possible victories of the team. That is why we will have very high workloads to have a good defense.