Cuban players claim that nothing will discourage them

Cuban players claim that nothing will discourage them

The unjustified exclusion of Cuba from the Caribbean Baseball Series, in which the pressure of the United States prevailed, was rejected by the Cuban baseball teams, which agreed that the most decisive thing is to defend the quality of the Cuban National Baseball Series.

Felipe Sarduy and Miguel Cuevas, sports glories of our country, were among the first to show their support for our players, after the denigrating decision to exclude Cuba from the Caribbean Baseball Series, assumed by the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation (CPBC) pressured by the United States.

The two stars of the Cuban baseball at the Central American and Caribbean Games, held in Puerto Rico 1966, agreed that there is no reason to be discouraged because our country has been excluded from the next event, to be held in Puerto Rico.

We should remember the epic of the Cerro Pelado Boat, when the athletes from the Island also faced the harassment of the United States, when seeking to harm their participation at the regional games. Even the athletes trained on the boat during the crossing and, about to disembark in small boats, were harassed by airplanes that flew over the ship.

At a meeting last Saturday with the players of the team of Matanzas and Las Tunas, who opened the play offs at the Julio Antonio Mella Stadium, Felipe Sarduy said that despite the decision of the CPBC, the baseball in our country will continue to grow, so this moment should encourage us to continue moving forward.

Miguel Cuevas was emphatic when saying that in the face of what happened we should only become stronger, because in the end they will have to recognize us.

Several players from the Camaguey Baseball Team took the floor to record their determination to make of the finals of this National Baseball Series a luxury show. Yorbis Borroto pondered that the important thing now is to maintain the discipline, because what happened with the Caribbean Baseball Series will not weaken us, and we will continue playing luxury play offs; while Leonel Segura referred to that as from January 1st of 1959, the USA have been making war on us, but they will not discourage us.