Roxangel Reaches the International Master's Standard

Roxangel Reaches the International Master's Standard

The young Fide Master (FM) of Villa Clara, Roxangel Obregon, has become the latest news in Cuban chess. It turns out that the young lady from La Plana has just achieved her second International Master (IM) standard in the national championship, first category, in Holguin.

Roxangel reached 6 points and she is now at the vanguard squad of the championship, which dominates the local IM Lisandra Llaudy, after the dispute of the tenth round on Thursday, in which the girl from Villa Clara beat her colleague from Santiago, Yaniela Forgas. Also, Lisandra Llaudy split the score point with the GM Yaniet Marrero arriving at 7.5 units.

Marrero goes in the second place with 7 points; while the maximum winner of the national titles (11), the GM Maritza Arribas, goes third with 7 points. Then the defending champion, the IM Yerisbel Miranda from Pinar del Rio, and Roxangel Obregon, both have 6 points.

The work of Obregon is so outstanding and it also can be said to be historical, because she is adding nothing less than 112 points to her ELO (coefficient of performance), which is currently of 2111. This Friday, the eleventh and final round is played and Roxangel faces the imposing Maritza Arribas.

Finally, in Havana the male final is celebrated, and after seven days, the GM Isan Ortiz leads with 4.5 points, followed by the GMs from Villa Clara, Yaser Quesada and Ermes Espinosa and the GM Yuri Gonzalez from Havana, all with 4 stripes.