Except for causes of force majeure and as we have reported, the national baseball series 60 must start on September 12, with the official inauguration in the so-called Athens of Cuba, between the local and current monarch, Matanzas, and his challenger of the last final , Camaguey.

With the elimination this Tuesday of the Grand Master (GM), Yusnel Bacallao, there are no more Cuban players in the First Ibero-American Online Chess, which is played these days virtually due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

As we have reported, the atypical national baseball series 60, due to the threat of the Coronavirus, kicks off the coming September 12 with 75 games for each set, and then the playoffs with the top eight ranked in the table.

A super reliable source such as the excellent statistician and colleague, Arnelio Álvarez de la Uz, has just reported, albeit unofficially, the schedule for the national baseball series 60, which kicks off on September 12.

While we wait for the actions in the national baseball series 60 to return, on September 12, we have to "get along" with the work of our compatriots in other leagues, such as the Japanese. There, the pitchers from Pinar del Rio Raidel Martínez and Liván Moinelo have started "on".

It could be that the only national championship that we will have in this 2020 will be that of baseball and its series 60, which must start on September 12. And it is logical because we know very well that baseball is something else in the country, as it is the number one discipline of fans and leaders.

Santa Clara woke up the day before with the effluvia of International Yoga Day, which since 2015 and on the initiative of the United Nations, is celebrated every June 21.

From the appearance of the President of the Inder, Osvaldo Vento, on the Round Table program on national television, other interesting aspects emanated from the upcoming national baseball series, which should start on September 12.

According to the President of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (Inder), Osvaldo Vento, on the radio-televised program Mesa Redonda, the national baseball series 60 should begin on September 12 and contemplate a 75-game schedule.