The timely contribution to the environment of the ECOING-25

The timely contribution to the environment of the ECOING-25

The use of the oxidation ponds for water treatment offers many advantages as part of its operations, as it improves the quality of water when passing through the tributaries while contributing to the elimination of the negative environmental impacts.

For this purpose, the members of the brigade number five and the earth movement contingent at the ECOING-25 Construction Company of Villa Clara, carried out a comprehensive project to rehabilitate the waste system of the dairy industry, located in the city of Santa Clara.

According to the specialists, the improvements introduced made it possible to form a system of lagoons where the anaerobic bacterial processes are concentrated, with an outlet at the end of the discharge thus eliminating the contaminant to the pluvial tributaries, which brings greater benefits to them within the city.

Likewise, the compaction and other related work carried out there will prevent the water seepage, thus preventing the contamination of the water table from happening.

From the economic point of view, this process of rehabilitation of the oxidation lagoons of the dairy company of Santa Clara was carried out at a cost of 2.5 million pesos, for a final storage capacity of 50 thousand cubic meters, thus facilitating the safe evacuation of the residual pollutants that emanate from its industrial processes and thus guaranteeing a positive environmental impact.