ETECSA: New rates for the Nauta Hogar services

ETECSA: New rates for the Nauta Hogar services

The Nauta Hogar users will enjoy of the modifications in the service offers: more hours to navigate online at lower prices when paying the monthly fee.

On December 17th, 2020, all the prepaid Nauta Hogar services received the hours corresponding to the contracted offer, after taking into account that they were updated according to the changes in the offers, regardless of the day of their life cycle.

As of the indicated date, all customers began to enjoy of the new available hours. Those whose life cycle corresponds to those days between December 17th and December 31st, will enjoy of the rate reduction, the rest of the users will do so from January of 2021 according to their payment cycle.

Those users who wish to make an offer change, that is, having a service pack with a greater speed or a greater number of hours, must go to the Commercial Office to request the change. This procedure has a cost of 2.00 CUC before January 1st, after this date, it will be of 50 CUP.

Another change in the service has been the increase in the uploading speed. This will not be perceived immediately, as this process will be executed progressively. The hours will continue to be recharged on the 1st day of each month and the users will continue to pay on the day that corresponds to pay for their life cycle.

It is important to note that the official rate for the online navigation hours, after consuming those assigned in the offer, will once again have the value they did before, 0.50 CUC for each hour of navigation, before January 1st and 12.50 CUP after this date. As of January 1st, the monthly service fee will be paid in National Currency (CUP).

Those users who have paid months in advance will keep their quota fund, from which the amount equivalent to the monthly quota will be deducted on the days of their life cycle; as long as the said fund is greater than or equal to the required amount.

As of January 1st, that quota fund in CUC will maintain its equivalent value in Cuban pesos, in force at the time they were deposited. The same will occur with those customers who have any debt with the company, which will be automatically converted to CUP, at the rate in effect at the time the debt was acquired.