Software for an early diagnosis

Scientists and researchers from the Marta Abreu de Las Villas Central University (UCLV) are working on the development of a system that favors the early diagnosis of COVID-19 and contributes to the prognosis of the patient's evolution.

Dr. Marlén Pérez Díaz, a researcher at the Digital Image and Signal Processing Laboratory of the aforementioned institution, explained to Granma that this is software capable of advancing, based on the radiological images taken, whether or not the patient is prone to be a carrier of the new coronavirus or other lung disease.

He said that since the spread of the pandemic in the world began, several researchers from the uclv whose studies address artificial intelligence, have set themselves the task of contributing, from imaging, to the early detection of the condition, which is in correspondence with the protocols followed in Cuba to advance treatment in order to increase the possibilities of saving lives.

She explained that the accuracy of the specialists, when analyzing the X-rays, is 60%, according to research carried out. However, when using this software, the task can be much simpler and more effective, using the language of machines that have been programmed to observe the disease.

After the development phase of the project and the necessary validation, the system created by the researchers - which is part of a macroproject led by the Cuban Neuroscience Center, in which the University of Havana and various health institutions also participate. - It should be extended to the country's hospital network, a process that could take place at the end of the current month or the beginning of the coming month, assured the doctor, a specialist in Medical Physics.