Ultraviolet light's ability to disable SARS-COV-2 discovered

A joint investigation between the Dutch company Signify and the North American University of Boston confirms the effectiveness of UV-C ultraviolet light in deactivating the SARS-COV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, which is achieved after a few seconds of exposition.

This was verified by Dr. Anthony Griffiths, associate professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Medicine of said center of higher studies, published by Europa Press, quoted by Cubajournalists.

During their investigation, the report describes, they treated the inoculated material with different doses of UV-C ultraviolet radiation through devices developed by Signify, and evaluated the inactivation capacity under various conditions.

"The team applied a dose of 5mJ / cm², resulting in 99 percent SARS-VOC-2 inactivation in six seconds. Based on the data, a 22mJ / cm² dose was determined to cause a 99.9999 percent reduction in 25 seconds. ”

In the words of Dr. Anthony Griffiths, "the research results show that, above a specific dose of UV-C radiation, there was a complete inactivation of the viruses and, in a matter of seconds, we could no longer detect any viral trace ».

In this way, says Eric Rondolat, CEO of Signify, the study confirms the effectiveness of UV-C lamps as a preventive measure for companies and institutions that want to provide virus-free spaces.

"Given the potential of using this type of technology, the Dutch company has announced that it will increase its production capacity in the coming months and that it will put its UV-C technology at the service of other lighting companies."