Another Russian vaccine against COVID-19 will begin to be administered to volunteers on July 15

The coronavirus vaccine developed by Russia's State Research Virology and Biotechnology Research Center will begin to be administered to volunteers on July 15, its director, Rinat Maksiútov, announced, adding that they plan to register the drug in the fall of this year, Russia Today reported.

"We hope to start the study on volunteers from July 15," Maksiútov said during a meeting of the heads of services of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (OCS) responsible for ensuring health and epidemiological well-being.

He also specified that the registration of the vaccine is scheduled for this fall, after which the phase of clinical trials will begin.

Another vaccine ready for human trials

Previously, it was revealed that the Russian Defense Ministry and the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Gamalei are beginning human trials of a vaccine against COVID-19.

"In the near future, after completing a two-week isolation, the first group of volunteers will be vaccinated. The main objective is to verify the safety and tolerability of the vaccine components," the Defense Ministry reported.

In early June, the Russian military department reported that two groups of volunteers had been selected for clinical trials, one consisting of the military and the other civilians. According to the ministry, the first group consists of 50 people, 10 of them health professionals.