Genetic study promoted to people recovered from COVID-19

To evaluate the evolution and quality of life of those confirmed with SARS-CoV 2 in Cuba, the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) promotes the genetic study with clinical, epidemiological and biomolecular profiles of these people.

Margarita Argüelles Arza, director of the Provincial Center for Medical Genetics in Santiago de Cuba, declared to the Cuban News Agency that the investigation includes the genotypic characterization of all those diagnosed with the disease in the territory.

The study starts from the selection of the groups, classified into one (asymptomatic), two (mild symptoms), three (severe symptoms) and zero, which works as a control group and includes first-degree relatives, as long as they lived together with the patient at the time of confirmation of the condition, but were not affected by it, he said.

The specialist indicated that they will begin with the review of the hospital medical history of the confirmed, to obtain elements of the stay in the military hospital Dr. Joaquín Castillo Duany, a health institution where cases from the southeast region of the country are attended.

As part of the interview with the convalescents in their homes, blood and serum samples will be taken for their immunological and biomolecular analysis in the laboratories of the National Center for Medical Genetics, added the doctor.

Argüelles Arza assured that the results of the study allow knowing the genetic health status of the possible genotypes of the population and what would be the clinical severity in case of contracting COVID-19 again.

Lastly, she stated that the pilot study began in Pinar del Río and in the province of Santiago should behave similarly, due to the similar behavior of the disease in both territories in terms of accumulated.

The research, with a multidisciplinary vision, involves the centers of Molecular Immunology and Immunoassay, and shows how Cuban science is positioned, once again, according to the well-being of society.