Segurmatics virtual store in operation

The Segurmatics virtual store, Segurshop, available for seven days, has been well received by the population and is developing in a stable manner, said Laura Calvo Agüero, Institutional Communication specialist of that entity.

She exclusively stated to the Cuban News Agency that workers contact customers on a continuous basis, in order to know the behavior of the service and ensure its quality.

From Segurshop, located in Citmatel's Superfacil virtual store, licenses are offered, valid for one year, for Segurmatic Antivirus (SEGAV) products at 50 CUP and Segurmatic Mobile Security (SSM) at 25 CUP.

The new marketing model joins the usual ones through the Young Computer and Electronics Club and at the company's headquarters in the capital Calle Zanja, said Calvo Agüero.

In accordance with current requirements and with a view to limiting the mobility of people, since last March, the entity belonging to the Informatics and Communications Business Group made available to its clients the free temporary licenses of SEGAV and SSM.

Founded in 1995, Segurmatica won the World Summit on the Information Society award in early 2020, awarded to those entities or organizations that are committed to the inclusive development of new technologies.

The company, the only one of its kind in the Greater Antilles, has the mission of providing products and solutions for computer security to national entities and individuals.