ETECSA contributes to the computerization of the society in Villa Clara

ETECSA contributes to the computerization of the society in Villa Clara

The installation of some 545 data services in the business sector at the end of 2019, was one of the main contributions of the Telecommunications Enterprise of Cuba SA (ETECSA) in Villa Clara, in relation to the process of computerization of the society that advances in the country.

Marlen Cortes Penton, head of the Commercial and Marketing Department of the Territorial Division of ETECSA, explained that among the sectors with visible advances are the banking system, both the People´s Savings Banks (BPA), and the Credit and Commerce Banks (BANDEC).

Both banks show the development of new payment options, such as Transfermovil, and the increase in the use of the ATMs.

Another of the most demanded services are the speed increases, according to Dianitsy Barreto Martinez, communication specialist of the entity in the territory, a figure that amounted to more than 900 requests.

These were located in the educational and the agricultural facilities, along with those of the Ministry of Justice, Economy and Planning, Finance and Prices, the National Statistics Office, the Institute of Physical Planning, BPA, BANDEC, the Youth Computing Clubs, and the Cuban Mail Company.

One of the novelties of the year that culminated, specifically in its last quarter, added Barreto Martinez, was the beginning of the commercialization of the business nauta home, consisting of the payment of the service, through monthly billing to those workers who given their work functions require so, with a total of 187 requests by the end of December.

As far as prepaid clients are concerned, the specialist concluded that in 2019 alone, 20,500 permanent nauta accounts had been activated in the territory, a measure of the possibilities of INTERNET access of the population, which has different routes for this: the navigation rooms, the nauta home modality, or the areas for Wi-Fi connection.