Men and women of the future

Men and women of the future

These lines are dedicated to the men and women of the future. Because Villa Clara is celebrating and with more than enough reasons, given that this territory once again hosts the national celebration for the Day of the Cuban Science on January 15th.

It will also be a tribute to the clairvoyant words said by Fidel 60 years ago, when he warned that the future of this country must necessarily be a future of men of science, and of men of thought.

There, they are the researchers, the innovators, the members of the Science and Technology Forum Movement, the members of the Youth Technical Brigades, always dreaming big, overcoming the obstacles, fighting the battles, and announcing the future.

There, they are concerned and occupied by the demands of the economy and the society, putting their intelligence at the service of the prioritized branches, such as food production, sugar industry, the construction materials industry, medicines, community work, new technologies, robotics and communications, just to name a few.

There, they are with their intelligence, as an effective response to the cruel US blockade, with their feet and hearts on the earth, overcoming hurricanes and droughts, and pollution, betting on clean productions, facing and looking for alternatives to the lack of fuel and of medicines, always faithful to the legacy of those who sowed the path as Doctor Carlos J. Finlay.

There, they are the scientists from Villa Clara, side by side with the people, insomniacs, restless, dissatisfied, critics, because they know that there is no perfect human work, but above all, faithful, unfolding, firm in the decision not to let themselves be bought or let go by siren songs that may promise a better life with millionaire salaries in another country, and that is that they learned with Marti that “All the glory of the world fits into a grain of corn” and that “the true man does not look at what side lives better, but which side is the duty”.