D´Taxi, an app to interconnect destinations

D´Taxi, an app to interconnect destinations

The Taxis Cuba Company has designed a new app that allows the interconnection between passengers and the taxi drivers in the country. D´Taxi is the name of the app, which will become operational in Villa Clara, as of December 23rd, 2019, as the agency executives pointed out.

Official Press Release from the branch in Villa Clara of the Taxis Cuba Company on the D´Taxi app:

The Taxis Cuba Company is making D´Taxi available to its customers, a mobile application (app), which directly connects the passengers and the taxi drivers in Cuba.

The users or customers can request from their mobile through the app, a taxi and the system will assign the closest available taxi driver to your location.

Once the user receives the taxi driver's confirmation, communication between them can be established and the system will provide the approximate time the taxi will arrive at the meeting point.

Also, after entering his origin and destination, the user will access the approximate price of the requested service. The app allows travel planning in advance and receiving the corresponding confirmation.

It stands out for its simplicity, the attractiveness of its design, as well as the ease of use. It also provides facilities for the taxi drivers in the terms of reminders of pick-up schedules, the update about being available or not, as well as checking the pending pick-ups, and the suggestions of optimal routes.

This app is part of the process of computerization of the transportation and of the Cuban society in general, a high priority claim followed by the highest government direction.

It is an authentically Cuban platform, a novel option to request the services of the Taxis Cuba Company for both the nationals and the foreign visitors.

The D´Taxi system will begin its application in the province of Villa Clara, starting on Monday, December 23rd, 2019.

It will be a pleasure to serve you,

Taxis Cuba Company, Villa Clara branch.