ETECSA announces new packages for mobile data navigation

ETECSA announces new packages for mobile data navigation

The Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) announced on Monday a new package for mobile data navigation, based on the results obtained after the implementation of 4G offers, which is focused on the customers who consume the cheapest packages.

After taking into account the strategy for evacuating the internet traffic from the 3G to the 4G network, new offers were introduced to encourage the users to use the LTE services. In this way, the goal is to alleviate the 3G network to continue improving the offers and ensuring the quality of the services.

At a press conference held this Monday, Tania Velazquez Rodriguez, First Vice-President of ETECSA, informed that as of December 4th, the users will be able to acquire a new data package of 400 MB plus a 300 MB national navigation bonus for the price of 5 CUC.

As an added value, for the lower value packages (400 MB, 600MB, and 1 GB) an additional bonus incentive is offered for their use in the 4G networks.

Thus, said Velazquez Rodriguez, when acquiring these packages the users will be able to navigate with an information volume that doubles the current one if they use the service under the 4G network.