Highlighted Scientific Achievements of the Plant Biotechnology Institute

Highlighted Scientific Achievements of the Plant Biotechnology Institute

The center is based on an idea of ​​Fidel, enhancing the genetic characteristics of plants to produce high quality seeds.

If something characterizes the labor collective of the Plant Biotechnology Institute (IBP) of Villa Clara, it is deploying those restless neurons beyond the culture of potatoes and bananas, so that the destiny of the research results in the scientific and productive development of the country.

Perhaps it is the basic premise of the center, which goes through its 25 years of founded from an idea of ​​Fidel destined to the development of research aimed at the genetic improvement of plants, without abandoning the production of high quality seeds.

Today we look at the path in search of sustainable agriculture and its director, the Doctor of Science Osvaldo Fernandez Martinez, feels proud of the results achieved by students, researchers and professors trained in the field of plant biotechnology.

Ascribed to the Universidad Central «Marta Abreu» de Las Villas (UCLV), the road has encountered challenges and obstacles since a group of researchers from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, together with the first director of the IBP, Dr. Juan Nivaldo Perez Ponce, delineated those dreams that allowed the constant growth of its scientific and commercial activity, with significant income for sales in the national and international market.

The IBP keeps its eyes on the generation of competitive products with high added value that arises from the process of technological innovation, but the different lines allow it to venture into coffee, with the development and propagation of hybrids characterized by their high productive potential, in the actions with forest species that are difficult to propagate, or in variants of high-cost ornamental plants in the foreign arena.

Fernandez Martinez stressed that the fundamental profiles appear linked to the economic impact and at the same time the ecological, because they do not neglect the point of view of environmental perception. They also prioritize somatic embryogenesis in bananas, as an efficient option for higher quality seeds, together with other crops of agricultural importance.

In this way, we are already working on the production of coffee postures, a task that will greatly influence on the recovery of this crop, severely damaged by the hurricanes. The start is planned for the upcoming year in the eastern part of the country.

The portfolio of exportable funds and the substitution of imports are tasks of first order. It is worth mentioning that during the last three years the income exceeded the $ 100000 in exports, despite the fact that it is a small center with a workforce of between 100 and 104 workers, including about twenty researchers.

During the celebration for the 25th anniversary, the founders, retirees and those who are no longer there, were recognized, and messages were read from several members who left their chapter throughout the history of the IBP.

Dr. Andres Castro Alegria, rector of the UCLV, in the words of praise meant that this center was the last site belonging to the Villa Clara University attended by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Representatives of international organizations, other related institutions of the country, and organizations of the province were integrated into the entertainment of an institution that does not allow resting