The creation of working groups, with the presence of an academic staff, in 18 key programs for food production in Villa Clara, begins to give incipient results in the obtaining of eggs and the stocking of fingerlings in water mirrors, meant for aquaculture capture.

The contest is an initiative of the international project "Building coastal resilience in Cuba through natural solutions for adaptation to climate change", and it is conceived under the slogan: "Coastal communities and ecosystems facing climate change".

In the first days of September, the Transfermovil app reached the one million users in Cuba, a figure that now has been surpassed, which speaks of the guarantees offered by this platform encouraging the electronic commerce within the national projects of the computerization of our society.

Cuba is celebrating on Wednesday the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer by rewarding the work carried out by 12 institutions in the definitive removal of pollutants in the Earth's stratosphere.

The mobile platform conceived by the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) for the online payments of the public services, the Transfermovil app, exceeds the one million users in Cuba, and precisely the person who marked this figure is a resident of Villa Clara, her name is Rosario Izaguirre Fuentes.

In general, the hurricanes that arise in this area tend to move with trajectories close to the west and west-northwest for several days (similar to those arisen during August), thus penetrating the eastern Caribbean, while others move along the northern group of the Lesser Antilles.

With the aim at contributing to the food sovereignty of the region, different research centers in Villa Clara draw up new strategies that place the triad of science, technology and innovation in function of the local production of food for social consumption.