Cuba Reaffirms Its Support for Venezuela

Cuba Reaffirms Its Support for Venezuela

Rogelio Polanco, Cuban Ambassador to Venezuela ratified our solidarity and cooperation with the Venezuelan people in the face of the imperial onslaught with an unconventional war.

Cuba reaffirmed this Sunday its support to the people of Venezuela in the face of the imperial onslaught with an unconventional war, said the island's ambassador in that country, Rogelio Polanco.

Polanco ratified the solidarity and cooperation of the Jose Marti’s homeland with that of Simon Bolivar and the peoples of the world who are struggling to be free from the siege and threats of US imperialism that seeks to end the independence process.

Before this, he stressed that solidarity is today more latent than ever among our peoples. Today we continue to have an intense relationship with Venezuela through the exemplary missions created by the Bolivarian Government to bring health, education, culture and sport to the Venezuelan people of Bolivar and Chavez.

They have the support of the Cuban people and the peoples of the world. Venezuela is not alone, said the diplomat in an interview in the program “The truthful kiosk”, broadcast this Sunday by Venezolana de Television.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, revealed yesterday the existence of plans against the country's stability in a collusion of the national extreme right and external sectors.

During the program “90 Sundays with Maduro”, the president responded to some expectations that arose after denouncing the existence of a conspiracy against the Bolivarian Revolution.

According to Maduro, the enemies sought to create conditions for a state of national commotion and to appoint a transitional committee, with the objectives of the coup plot uncovered this week.

In another part of his remarks, he said that this week the international coup campaign promoted by the United States government through the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations Organization in Geneva, places where it was intended to condemn the country of Bolivar.

He said it was of Washington's interest to promote a statement against the nation to complete an interventionist plan. The Imperialism and its allies set out to launch an international coup against Venezuela but this week we obtained a double international victory in the UN and OAS, he said.