Cuba reopens its borders for international tourism

Cuba reopens its doors to international tourism this Wednesday, taking advantage of a control of the Covid-19, when every day the infected decrease more and the health protection systems increase.

The only province of the 15 and the special Isla de la Juventud municipality of the entire nation that still remains without going through phase I of thawing in terms of social isolation is Havana, the capital of the country, due to its active cases of the illness.

For its part, since June 18, national tourism has made reservations especially in the bases of Popular Campism in the interior, always with the exclusion of Havana.

Travel agencies and tour operators still lack concrete reports on the first flights to the island for foreigners, but they did at the time state that they received various interests of this type from around the world.

In due course, the Cuban Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García, reported that the recreational industry on this Island opens from this day on for foreigners.

García specified the three stages of the gradual reopening of tourism, although he specified that since June 18, travel agents and tour operators can already sell foreign trips by July 1.

He said that in the case of foreigners they will only be able to visit the Largo keys (south-west), Coco, Guillermo, Cruz, and Santa María (center-north), without being able to move around the rest of the country, but they will have excursions, rental of cars and other services in those places.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) will sell trips to recover from the same pandemic and take advantage of the Cuban medical experience (precisely for those isolated keys).

He explained that in the three phases protection protocols will be applied that respond to the indications of the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Tourism Organization (ILO) and the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) of Cuba.

These protocols include temperature control, constant cleaning of places, surfaces, accommodation and restaurants, among other places, measures installed from airports.

He also noted that each hotel facility has at its disposal teams of doctors and epidemiologists who will monitor the situation, and in case of any problem, both tourists and workers, tests, transfers and timely hospitalizations are planned.

Foreign tourists in their entirety will be investigated using the real-time PCR test to identify possible infections from Covid-19.

The efficient sanitary control of the country facilitated this measure, authorities ruled. Cuban hotel chains such as Cubanacán and Gran Caribe, and Islazul, have already reported the hotels that begin operations in the first phase, and some foreigners such as Spain's Meliá.