Council of Ministers headed by Diaz-Canel in Cienfuegos

Council of Ministers headed by Diaz-Canel in Cienfuegos

The second working visit of the Council of Ministers to the southern province of Cienfuegos, headed by the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, is taking place since Thursday.

The dynamics of these types of visit that connect the local government with the strategies of the nation with the purpose at thinking as a country are still going on.

A little over a year ago, Cienfuegos received the members of the Council of Ministers. On that occasion, the economic and social objectives were assessed, while several exchanges were held with the people, and with the workers of several centers with social and economic importance in the province.

Of the 15 indications made in the previous visit, 5 were completed and 10 are still in process of completion. This is one of the provinces that fulfilled the Housing Program in the first year of the policy.

This visit also seeks to socialize the experiences, learn on how problems can be unlocked and get in touch with the opinion of the people.

This is the fourth government visit of the current year corresponding to the second cycle.