Supply of cleaning and regulated products in Cuba: the necessary details

Supply of cleaning and regulated products in Cuba: the necessary details

The supply of cleaning products will not disappear, what happens is that at this time, the levels of demand are not fully covered as in the previous years, due to the upsurge of the financial and economic persecution of the White House regime against Cuba.

Directors of the Ministry of Internal Trade (Mincin) have confirmed that it is expected that there will be an improvement in the supply of these products starting in April. Francisco Silva, General Director of Merchandise Sales of this organization, argued that in the 2020, a retail growth of a 40% in the marketing of soaps and of a 35% in the marketing of toothpaste are espected, compared to the 2019.

When inquiring about the reasons behind the current situation, Francisco Silva explained that the timely arrival of the raw materials, which come from various geographical areas of the world, does not escape the harassment to which Cuba is subjected, because of the economic blockade of the Government of States United. Retained ships, which cannot reach the country or the delay in their arrival, together with the economic pressures that the country is experiencing, have affected these assurances.

In this scenario, the industry had to look for alternatives, which not only refer to financing, but also to new sources of supply. All these actions must be reflected in higher levels of stability in the second quarter of the year.

Regarding the marketing of chicken, the General Director of Merchandise Sales at the Mincin highlighted that in the 2019, the Commerce companies and the store chains sold tons of these meat products, a number that is higher than that of the 2018, while, in the 2020, similar amounts are expected to maintain the stability.

Oil is another product that has generated concerns related to its absence. On this, the interviewee pointed out that at the moment the three factories of the country, which are located in Havana, Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba, are producing and having inventories of crude or refined oil, including the import planned in the annual plan.

According to Francisco Silva, for the months of February and March, the products of the standard family basic basket are guaranteed.

In the case of grains, which have had an impact on their distribution, due to the decrease in the national production for this year, in February we proceeded to deliver black beans or peas, according to the availability in each province. It is worth clarifying that, even when the figures are lower compared to other periods, the country carries out bean imports and it is planned to ensure the necessary quantities required by this program.

Regarding the sale of coffee and milk, Francisco Silva explained that the Cuban industry is looking for solutions to guarantee their packaging.

However, while the problem is being solved, in order to minimize the damages, the Mincin has adopted certain control and hygienic-sanitary measures in the retail networks, for the specific treatment of these products, which is checked by the State Department of Commerce and the inspection bodies, he said.