Cuba denounces campaign to discredit the Cuban judicial system

Cuba denounces campaign to discredit the Cuban judicial system

The National Television News offered on Friday an expanded information on the campaign to discredit the Cuban judicial system, sponsored by the Government of the United States and its lackeys, which has been unleashed since the arrest of the counterrevolutionary and criminal Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia.

The #FreeFerrer novel wanted to incorporate several chapters, after the complaint made at the Star News revealed to the world the true face of someone who sells himself as a “political prisoner" and who is no more than a common criminal.

The "leader" of the little known Unpacu was defended by the leaders of the anti-Cuban mafia, who even said that he was a double, or just a "set up of the regime."

Others, somewhat more intelligent, focused on the alleged "violations of the due process" that made of Jose Daniel Ferrer a victim of the "repression of the communist system." However, Ferrer was charged and prosecuted for the crimes of injury and illegal deprivation of liberty, with all the guarantees offered by the current laws, and his detention is due to the provisional prison which, as a precautionary measure until the moment of the verdict judicial, the prosecution applied.

Today we already know that the legal petition for the accused Ferrer amounts to nine years, not only for the aforementioned crimes, but because at the time of his arrest, the inmate was free with an “extrapenal license” and he had not exhausted his previous sentences . The last word in this regard will be of the Cuban court system.

However, and fully aware of this reality, the enemies of the Cuban Revolution have decided to ignore the truth and continue their campaign for the liberation of Ferrer, while also promoting the US government's agenda against the Island.

Infamous personalities, such as the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, and the Senator Marco Rubio, ally this time with less known figures, such as the Head of business of the United States Embassy in Havana, Mara Tekach, and the itinerant counterrevolutionary, Rosa Maria Paya.

Morgan Ortagus, spokesman of the State Department, also joined the campaign, by making it clear that the imperialist executive is supporting the spurious causes of an "opposition" that does not have legitimacy or authority on the Island they intend to "liberate."

That "opposition", which is nothing more than a counterrevolutionary network in which figures like Ana Olema, who tried to deny their participation in the affront made to Jose Marti (recently denounced and unmasked), but whose relationship with the material authors and the payment made for the actions is irrefutable.

The support of de facto governments, such as that of Jeanine Anez in Bolivia does not do much for the cause of the counterrevolution either. The tremendously polarized environment that is conducive to the virulent administration of the President Donald Trump has made it very clear who is with Cuba, and who is with anyone who opposes the socialism in Cuba.

Even the Cubans living abroad do not trust these "leaders" of "democracy for Cuba." It is eloquent the testimony of a former Unpacu member who declared that, although he did not believe that Ferrer worked for the Cuban intelligence, he was the best agent of the Republic of Cuba: he did exactly what the State Security wanted. Because who is going to follow a man who prints his head against the table shouting "Quinones is hitting me"?

Ferrer, Paya, Olema, Tekach, Almagro, Rubio ... carelessness and immorality can have many names, but these subjects earn a high place when it comes to simulation, demagogy and cynicism. Moved only by dollars, they will never achieve the change they want in Cuba, a change that for any revolutionary (or any citizen of good) would mean a huge setback for our country.