Sales of cars in freely convertible currency will begin in Cuba this month

Sales of cars in freely convertible currency will begin in Cuba this month

The cars sold in Cuba to the natural persons since the 2014, will begin to be sold as from February 24th in freely convertible currency with a commercial discount of 10 percent, said Meisi Bolanos Weiss, Minister of Finance and Prices.

This option is aimed at a sector that generates a high income capacity and that can access these vehicles, explained the minister in a special program of the Round Table of the Cuban television in which new measures were announced for the sale of merchandise in freely convertible currency.

Iset Maritza Vazquez Brizuela, first vice-president of the CIMEX Business Group, reported that the sales services are maintained in the same agencies established since the 2014, although this experience will initially be implemented in Havana, as soon as the required conditions are created, this service will be extended throughout the country.

It is also planned to import new vehicles based on the customized orders made by the clients to the marketing agencies; and of different engine models through the Cimex or Sasa companies, she said.

Bolanos Weiss also referred to the fact that of the proceeds generated from the commercialization of the vehicles, 85 percent will go to the fund for the contribution to the development of the transportation, which will allow, through a financial measure to have the necessary liquidity, she added.

Eduardo Rodríguez Davila, Minister of Transportation, said that this process will allow the incorporation of buses, trains and other vehicles that were paralyzed and to restore the public investment plans.

A budget will also be allocated for the repair of the roads in order to better conserve the existing transport, especially when the conditions of the blockade and the financial restrictions for the purchase of fuel, makes it necessary to look for alternatives, she added.