Cuban FM denounces lies of self-proclaimed Bolivian president

Cuban FM denounces lies of self-proclaimed Bolivian president

Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez condemned today on Twitter the shameful lies of Bolivia's self-proclaimed president, Jeanine Añez, as part of her submissive and servile policy towards the U.S. government.

The head of Cuban diplomacy also explained that this behavior by the Bolivian coup leader has had serious consequences for her people, especially in terms of public health, after forced withdrawal of Cuban doctors who were working in the South American country.

In this regard, Rodriguez said that "after the return to #Cuba of the collaborators, due to the violence they were subjected to, more than 454,440 medical consultions has been stopped".

In addition, when two months have passed without the presence of the Cuban doctors, "in #Bolivia there have been almost 1,000 women who have not had specialized assistance in their births and 5,000 surgeries and more than 2,700 ophthalmological surgeries that have not been performed. These are not just numbers, they are human beings".

After the coup d'etat against Evo Morales government on November 10, 2019, and as a consequence of the harassment suffered by Cuban personnel in the South American nation, including the kidnapping of Dr. Yoandra Muro, head of the medical mission, the Cuban professionals concluded their work after several years of collaboration for the benefit of the Bolivian people.